Do I Need A Solicitor?

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There is a very simple answer to this question. If you are the subject of a Criminal Allegation – Yes you do!

It is an extremely common phenomenon for a person who considers himself/herself to be wrongly accused of a crime to believe that they have no need for legal assistance, whether they be at Court or in the Police Station, as the truth will surely shine through. Unfortunately this often not case and many innocent people end up convicted because they are just ill equipped to deal with the complexities of the criminal law, not to mention, experienced police officers and prosecutors.

Equally it is common for suspects who believe themselves to be guilty to think that they have no need for legal representation. Irrespective of whether you think you are guilty without knowing exactly what the prosecution have to prove to establish guilt it would be taking a huge risk with your liberty to proceed on this basis without legal representation.  There may be insufficient or inadmissible evidence, the charges may incorrect, potential witness difficulties, etc. Not to mention considerations such as Sentence, Bail, Exceptional Circumstances, Compensation and the effect of a Criminal Record.

So, If you are detained in a police station and a police officer tells you that you don't need a solicitor as it will just prolong things, think very carefully why a police officer might say that.

Could it be that you won't know whether any questions asked by the police in interview are legally permissible? Could it be that we might ascertain that there is no case to answer and make representations to have you released immediately? Could it be that we might legitimately object to any police questions and hold the police to account? Could it be that we might establish that you are actually vulnerable, not equipped to deal with the interview process and ripe for being talked into saying something that could be easily misinterpreted to your detriment? Could it be we are just an inconvenience the police could do without?

Whatever the answer is it is free to have a solicitor of your choice at the police station. Once you exercise that right, knowing detention time limits and general police procedure, we will ensure you are interviewed asap and that your time in custody is kept to an absolute minimum. We even the scales and save time not add time in every sense.

We at LLM Solicitors can assist you at any stage of proceedings and whether it be an attendance at the police station, lengthy criminal proceedings in the Crown Court or something as simple as a 5 minute phone call we can make what is inevitably a very unpleasant experience easier.

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